Signs By Benchmark

Due to our technology, Signs By Benchmark offers superior quality signs, sign accent components such as bases, pole covers, tops, and architectural accents that continue to prove how strong and durable they are.

With Signs By Benchmark, purchasing a foam core sign is a worry-free decision. Our products are created from a composite of expanded polystyrene (EPS) and a structural polyurea hard coat. (Signs By Benchmark products are not made of high-density urethane [HDU]).

Our signature hard coat provides every product we create with seamless, exceptional durability and strength. Because of our focus on creating superior products, our signs will not rust or rot, but will withstand wind, snow, ice and rain while thriving in extreme weather conditions, typically from -30 degrees F to well over 100 degrees F.

Benchmark has been molding expanded polystyrene (EPS) blocks and custom molded parts for more than 25 years. We control the entire manufacturing process from beginning to end, expanding and molding the EPS used in our signs.

The EPS core material gives the sign its shape and structure. Starting with the best material possible ensures the best, finished products. We closely monitor the quality of EPS that goes into our signs, without relying on outside suppliers. Our EPS conforms to ASTM C578 specifications.

Our craftsmen are trained technicians with many years experience in manufacturing custom interior and exterior signage.

Signs By Benchmark
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